Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dark Clouds on the Horizon

Some exciting news to tease and tantalize...

  • The Horror Aisle's official Twitter account is live and active @TheHorrorAisle - if you use Twitter, follow us and we will follow you back!
  • One of my Brothers in (tentacled) arms, DJ TJDK, has been added as an author to The Horror Aisle. He's got some madness and mayhem brewing which we are very excited to bring you soon.
  • We have another couple of contributors that we will be announcing and introducing in the coming weeks, as well as some exciting interviews and previews in the works.
  • In the next few days, I will be presenting not just one but two Retro Reviews of movies on Blu-Ray from the mighty Vinegar Syndrome! Get ready for The Horror Aisle's take on rediscovered slasher favorites Graduation Day (out now) and Don't Go in the Woods (coming 3/10/15).

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